The choice of the raw material, with which a wood product is realized, is an important factor that influences the production, therefore to know the material and its stability and durability over time is really significant.

The wood dimensional stability depends on its essence. The modalities in which, the wood cutting area, is affected are of decisive importance. The subsequent machining operations, such as drying and the construction of the panels that, for example, will make up finally your door or window frames, have to be closely monitored.

These operations must to be carefully motivated and conceived for the environmental conditions in which the product should be placed to allow for greater durability: are important factors as the cardinal location (North, South, West, East), the state of humidity of the place and the exposure to the weather when it comes to doors and fixtures from outside.


The resistance of wood to external agents, due to the above mentioned reasons, has to be often under monitor and evaluation.

It is, therefore, recommended to use hedging products suited to the place where the finished product will be placed on, the main essences we use are:

  • fir: resistant to humidity variations and exposure to the sun
  • larch: is the essence more resilient to the outside because particularly weatherproof
  • okumè: highly resistant to extreme climatic condition because it is a multi-layer             melamine

On request we also work other materials such as durmast, ash, cherry etc.

The color

tinteAt all times we must reflect on the color we want to get, when you choose to create a door or a wooden frame.

This is because, when we dye wood, the final color will never be as the original one in rough shape but, will be the combination of its original color plus the hue of the primer and the finished.

Therefore, the same color applied on Fir (which is a light wood), confers a different color compared to the result obtained with the application of Okumè (which is a most pinkish wood) or on Larch (most reddish wood).

Our Company makes use of water-based paints REMMERS, one of the leading German Companies manufacturers of paints.