We realize furnishings both indoor and outdoor.

The type of paint used for our products is one of our peculiarities, treated always with Remmers paint, guarantee of non-toxicity, which is identified with the absence of migration of heavy metals and low content of indoor pollutants, allowing you having a product not dangerous to your health.

The “Blue Angel” Certification enhances strongly the warranty, the first and ancient environmental Certificate awarded to indoor products and recognized around the world; a voluntary certification of safety for health that ensures excellent protection of the wood.


Interior door

Doors inside with stainless steel inserts, glass etc


The wooden floors have the important competitive advantage, over the photographed floor very popular in these times, to be more durable as well as to allow more maintenance.


A house with internal wooden staircase or coated wood is more warm and inviting.We produce stairs and coatings of wooden stairs, wood and metal and wood with glass to adapt the style to your home decor.



Balconies, Terraces and Railings


Coating housing outdoor for your home.

Entry doors

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Garage doors

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