The Sectional door is composed of panels in horizontal sections, sliding upward and parallel to the ceiling.

Opening the door runs parallel to the ceiling, taking up little space and you can close or open even very near to the vehicle.

Sectional Door Antiqued

(special manual antiquing process utilizing larch or fir wood or spruce ” Thermo-wood ”, a heat-treated wood).

Sectional Door Traditional / Contemporary

Pedestrian access

In the sectional door, in addition to the windows, it can also be inserted a central pedestrian door, which can have the following peculiarities:

  • Outward opening
  • Pulled to the right or left
  • 3-point locking
  • With inserted windows
  • With dimensions of passage 800/900 mm X 2000/2200 mm
  • With maximum width of 3500 mm door, otherwise you will seriously compromise the functioning of the door due to the loss of stability.

It is very important to underline that the pedestrian door doesn’t infringe in any way the aesthetics of the main door because it is disguised within it.

Side door

An alternative to the pedestrian door can be the Door Side, independent of the main door but with the same aesthetic and can be a back door to the garage (with metal, galvanized and painted, it is insulated and coated internally and externally as the Sectional). The Door Side, is provided with perimeter seals and lower protective brush, the lock and the cylinder can be safety if you want the separate door or an entry door (if the main door and the garage are at the same side of the house).