The Sliding Side Door Garage is composed of panels divided into vertical sections, sliding sideways; it flows along the inner wall of the garage with the option to slide it on two tracks, both right and left, according to your needs.

The tracks are anchored, the first to the ground to allow to support the weight of the door and allows sliding, the other anchored to the ceiling to give stability to the door preventing him to leave the predetermined path.

This solution is ideal for those who do not want, in any way, to lose height space or, if there are elements that do not allow you to install other types of doors that would have a negative impact on the height available for access.

A basic thing to know, for the choice of this gate, is that this gateway requires an internal wall (right or left), totally free, because it will must scroll to its entire length.

We would like to recall that all types of garage door, including that of the sliding door side, may be accompanied in their aesthetic version of a main door built along the same draw lines, techniques, colors and design of the front door you requested.